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This community is for anyone who wants to sell their DIY(it can be clothing, accessories, baby tees, dog coats, if it's cute or super cool and you've made it please post it) or any street fashion. It doesn't matter if it's fruits, decora, goth, lolita, punk, emo, sissy, EGL, LBG, rockabilly, vintage, new, reconstructed, deconstructed or whatever. Also you can use this community to post a want ad to find any particular item you've been looking for.

RULES (moderated by misskitty1970)

*If you think you can sell it and it's not illegal or breaks any LJ rules then by all means post.

*The only thing I ask is that you be honest and nice to each other, I will not get involved in any legal disputes or any other kind of dispute.

*Promotion of your website that pertains to selling any of the above mentioned is okay.

*Cross promotion of a community is okay, as long it's somehow related, the spectrum is pretty huge!

*If you are rude to a community member you will be asked to leave the community. No copyright infringement, it's against the law and against LJ rules!

*All post must have a photo of the item being sold, no larger then 450X450

*long post or larger images should be behind a LJ-cut instructions here

*Please be respectful of other people's feelings and creativity

*If you have any questions email me here

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